Sunday, April 6, 2008

Seven Interesting Things About Me

I was tagged by Sandra at On Living by Learning to play this meme game. So I' The idea is to list seven interesting things about yourself. Not sure if anyone else would find this interesting, but here's the flotsam that makes me,

1) I hate wet socks. If a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) drips his wet feet over the floor after a shower and even the teeny, tiniest bit of it gets my socks wet, they have to come off.

2) Pancakes are at their best with with peanut butter and maple syrup. Just syrup seems half-dressed to me.

3) I work in cycles, that without some effort on my part, resemble the boom/bust economy of the Gold Rush. What that translates into is that my office resembles a walk-in closet more than a room where anyone could get any work done. I love projects (in my former paid life, I was a Project Manager and it fit me perfectly), but have a tendency to start too many simultaneous projects at once. So, the, has about 4 ongoing projects in it, along with all my curriculum stuff. Which leads to:

4) I collect curriculum and books. Over many moves, I've had to purge my books many times, but the collection only diminushes for a short time. Just as a falling rock gains speed until it reaches terminal velocity, my bookshelves fill up quickly and any empty spaces are a temporary thing.

Hmmm. Gack...I'm at four things and I need to think of three more. Let's see.

5) My favorite show is Mythbusters. Adam and Jamie rock! I'm such a builder geek. I think the trebuchet on Little People, Big World is awesome and I used to love Junkyard Wars when it was on. For those who missed it, two teams would be given a real world problem to solve and then free reign in the junkyard to cobble a machine together from junkyard parts. They built some of the best stuff.

6) I'm not the most patient person in the world. Many of my friends and extended family think I am, but just ask my kids, they'll give you the straight goods. I have to work at it. Like, really work at it. My natural inclination is to just tell everyone to get at it and stop dawdling already.

7) I hold fairly strong opinions on things, but at the same time am always open to new information that may change the way I think. I'm all about following the muse and seeing where she leads.

And that's all folks :)

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Sandra said...

Hey, some say better late than never, but late is always better.

Thanks for playing the meme game!