Monday, March 9, 2009

Just deal with it already

Do you have junk drawer in your house? Come on, admit it. You're among friends here. Maybe you have one. Or maybe you have one for each room. Or maybe you're a total clutter freak and you have an entire junk room?

Introduce Exhibit A: My throw-in room. Or maybe it's just a throw-up room. Whatever.

It's been getting from bad to worse for months years. When you homeschool, you tend to accumulate a lot of STUFF. Board games at garage sales beckon. The friends of the library book sales become your personal fave time of year. A copy of the classics at 10cents each? I'm so all over that. Oh...yeah, right, get home and find 2 copies already on the shelves. ooops.

Plus all the great 'finds' at used curriculum sales, shoe boxes saved for the next impromptu history diorama, stacks of paper in every imaginable color, drawers of yarn saved for the craft projects that go along with all the fun stuff and you see my problem. So many great resources, and a room that I can't even walk into anymore.

Every time I walk past the resource, schooljunk room, it screams at me to do something already. I get screamed at a lot since it's across the hall from my bathroom. I used to close the door. It's so bad now that I have to put my fingers in my ears and hum the theme from Mission: Impossible to ignore its whines to clean it up.

I'm good at ignoring whines. I have two little girls. Enough said.

So, today, my jury servitude finished. Yay! But the girls bailed on me about 20 minutes after I left the house (Daddy, can we go to grandma's house?), so I returned to no kids and the screaming room.

Today, I will conquer it. I feel the energy. I (along with my 11 jury members) heard the evidence, weighed it and rendered a verdict. How hard can sorting through my (never-used) scrapbooking supplies be compared to that?

Will keep you posted. Although the jury's still out on this one.

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