Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mayday, Mayday...we've landed in Suburbia

Isn't it weird when you walk out your front door and see this?

Grabbed the camera, told the kids to grab whatever shoes and jackets they could find and we ran down to the park to investigate further. Did a hot air balloon really hit the ground in my neighborhood?

Nah. Turns out someone was having a Wizard of Oz Birthday party, complete with costumes and rides in a tethered balloon for all the birthday guests.

My kids stood there, mouths open as they watched it fill up with guests and go up and down. The grandpa of the birthday girl was such a kind soul. He saw my kids looked bug eyed at the balloon and asked if we'd like a ride up after the birthday guests had a chance. Would we?! OMG, yes, thank you, we most definitely would!

So, we went up. The littlest squirrel huddled on the floor of the basket, peering out the port hole at the bottom. The big squirrel clutched the side of the basket and peered over. I, camera in hand, madly shot the burner

the playground,

and the inside of the balloon.


pattymiller said...

This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Tasha said...

Thanks Patty :) I can't decide whether to strike "go up in hot air balloon" off my life-list though. Does it count if the balloon is still attached to the ground? Inquiring minds need to know.