Monday, February 23, 2009

Being in the moment

You know how every self-help parenting guru says "Just be in the moment" and "Ignore the dishes, they're only young once". Well, I think I may have taken that too far.

In this moment, I can't see my hallway. It's covered in dirty clothes. I finally managed to clear out the dishes from the sink, but I suspect that some dish dirtying elf is going to fill it right back up again. I won't post a photo. It would just be too disgusting to look at and then you'd have to go wash your eyeballs out.

I was looking around my house and fantasizing about having the power to bend space/time, like Hiro Nakamura on Heroes. We're way behind the current season, but thanks to Netflix Streaming, I haven't been left completely in the dust and am half-way (or so) through Season One.

Can you picture me, all squinchy faced like Hiro? Ok, so you'll have to use your imagination. I was picturing it today, standing there facing my loads of laundry. I did the face squinch, willing the world to STOP, freeze frame, do-over! Or at least just keep everyone still for 30 minutes, so I can catch up! It's like a temporary cyrogenic chamber of goodness that you can just keep dipping into again and again. Like the freeze time cookie jar :)

What would you do with Hiro's "freeze time" powers?


Luke said...

Hiro's powers worked for me in Season 1. Totally fit and helped things out. Season 2 started to get a little too odd, and his powers started to just be problematic, and I haven't kept up since then. Instead, I switched to Chuck and continued watching Lost with my best friend [smile].

May you find the time to do what needs doing, and the grace you need to live with what you don't [smile]. Hang in there!


Tasha said...

Thanks Luke! Isn't time the most precious commodity some days, LOL.

I have to say that even season 1 is getting a bit weird for me. The powers jumping around is just too hard to keep track of.